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Car interior cleaning process steps

Pay attention to communicating with customers when doing car beauty and car interior cleaning, emphasizing the effect of the product, highlighting our service, appropriately reminding the car to pay attention to the front and back comparison, and explaining the commonChina Airless Electric Paint Sprayer factory sense of care and maintenance methods.

Not much nonsense, here are the steps

1. Arrange the items on board:

Note the placement of the main accessories or supplies on the car so that they can be placed in place after cleaning. Use the special storage bag to store the customer's items in the car and keep it properly.

2. Desilting and descaling:

Use clean water or cleaning agent to clean the mud and dirt on the edge of the door frame, door sill strips, door hinges, foot pedals, etc. At the same time lower the glass.

3. Dust removal in the interior room:

Blow off the dust on the dashboard, central control area, storage boxes, storage boxes, grooves, corners, and seat seams, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the seats and carpets.

4. Security protection:

According to different models, towels, deerskins, and plastic films are used to securely protect electronic and electrical products such as audio areas and car phones. The electronics, electrical appliances, and electric control switches on the car will cause malfunction or burn if wet or water enters.

5. Cleaning the ceiling:

The car roof is usually made of chemical fiber, velvet, pure wool (high-end cars) and other materials. When cleaning, the ability of the technician to judge the ceiling material, texture, and cleanliness is the ability that the technician should have. The ceiling should be cleaned with fluff cleaning softener. From front to back, spray a little fluff cleaner on the ceiling, moisten it for half a minute, then fold a clean towel into a square and wipe it along the direction of the grain. Particularly dirty places can be repeated.

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